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Eduardo –

Victim Location 24501

Type of a scam Debt Collections

International Credit Recovery (ICR) collections agency called me on May 20, 2016, claiming that I owed $249 to Progressive Business Publications (PBP) for a subscription to the "Nonprofit Board Report" newsletter. They claim that in October 2015 I agreed to a 30-day trial subscription to the newsletter by telephone, after which I would be obligated to pay $249 if I did not contact PBP to cancel the subscription. While I expressed interest in the publication by telephone–and gave PBP my postal and email addresses to send materials–I never agreed to a trial period or any sort of contract with financial obligations. The "trial subscription" arrangement was never explicitly stated or explained to me by PBP. They claim that I agreed to the subscription merely by providing my email address and receiving materials. As soon as I told an ICR employee I was investigating the issue with a lawyer, they immediately ceased contact (beforehand they made harassing calls everyday). This is a blatant case of consumer fraud and extortion.

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