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Caitlin –

Victim Location 91101

Type of a scam Employment

I recently applied, interviewed, was "hired" and filled out a W-9 for a job posting with Interactive Content Services. The position was supposed to focus on legal news writing. However, after I sent them my W-9 with my social security number, the recruiter never responded back. I am terrified that they now have my personal information and can do whatever they want with it.

I’m looking back now through all my previous communications with them and everything seems incredibly suspect. The recruiter, named Hoang T., contacted me for an initial writing sample on Sunday, September 24, which I submitted on Wednesday, September 27. They responded by email on Saturday, September 30 at 10:04 p.m. in response to the writing sample, asking for an interview. It was a very strange time to reply, both that late at night and on the weekend. They never provided their full last name, just an initial (Hoang T.), which I thought seemed bizarre.

At the scheduled time of our interview that Monday, October 2, the recruiter was late but text messaged me in grammatically incorrect English asking to reschedule to late that afternoon. The text message was from the 316 number you see above. When we spoke, I was offered the position and filled out my required paperwork the next day, Tuesday, October 3, including a W-9 with my social security number as well as my bank account information. I never heard back by email after sending that response, nor did I hear back when I sent a follow-up response on Thursday, October 5. I sent a text message to the recruiter on Friday, October 6, and they never responded. I called again on Friday, October 6 to the 316 number and reached a voicemail box that was full, saying I was unable to leave a message.

The late night weekend response by the recruiter, the fact that the recruiter didn’t reveal his full name, his incorrect use of English and his inability to respond after I sent my personal information is all starting to look like a scam, like one you would typically find on Craigslist. Googling the name of the company also reveals little to no information (I couldn’t even find a website for them, but here is the initial job posting <span title="… />
I am terrified now that they have my social security information, and my checking account and routing number and that I might have to close out these accounts now.

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