Inter- commercial union Bank America Georgia

Inter- commercial union Bank America Georgia Reviews, Check Inter- commercial union Bank America Georgia Scam or Legit
Kenneth –

Victim Location 53203

Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency

Hello, I’m from Greece and my fiance, who is in the us army send to me to write a letter in the inter commercial union bank as he was in Israel .He ordered the bank to make the transfer to my private account in Greece about a transaction 1.000.000 dollars as a fixed deposit from Phoenix Government. I communicated with the bank by email and I had a response. The money was ready to be transferred but they informed me that I need a non residential affidavit from High court of Georgia. The Bank said to me to communicate with their lawyer James Hoffman. I did. He said me that he will go to the court and take the affidavit. He did it as he said when i ask him. He said to me to pay 1069 euros in the guarantee trust Bank in Nigeria. I try to pay through my fiance’s account but the limit was exceeded. We decided to pay the money but i did not have all. I make a deal with the lawyer to give him 750 euros and the rest of the money when the transaction is made. The Bank sent me an IMF international monetary fund of 1.000.000 dollars. As beneficiary was my name and me address . I told the lawyer when I will go to the bank to speak with my banker but he denied. And he said that I make his job more difficult. I don’t know if this true. I cannot communicate with my fiance because of his work. Can you check if this IMF is a scam or not?

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