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Caroline –

Victim Location 77511

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I received a text message saying Intellishop was accepting applications for qualified agents for a Walmart shopping survey. The message said that each assignment would pay $500. There was a link to click on to fill out the application. I filled out the application form (they used Zoho forms to create the "application") at the end of which it said that I would receive an e-mail with some training videos to watch and details regarding the shopping survey. Well, I never received the e-mail, only another text message several days later saying that I was going to receive a package and that I was to sign for the package and follow the instructions on the memo. The second text message is when this didn’t seem right. The envelope was even more alarming. The envelope contained a letter (with no company letterhead and several typographical errors) with instructions to deposit, not cash, a traveler’s check for $4,900. Then I was to withdraw the money the next day when it was available and purchase 4 blank $1,000 money orders at Walmart. I was to keep in touch with a man named Robert Books after each step in the process. The attached images contain the entire memo and instructions.

Melinda –

Victim Location 80909

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Intellishop Secret Survey Program

Received a letter in mail from them along with a check. It had a couple of tasks you were supposed to do.

First on being to Confirm the receipt of the package. Second your full name and the amount of your check and if you did all this you would receive another $200. Then they want you to cash the check into your checking account.Then you were to purchase items of your choice not more then $20.Step 2: Ebay gift assignment was to go to stores that had the Ebay gift cards and purchase any denominations ($50,$100,$200,$500) and buy the gift cards worth $1000. After purchase you would peel off the silver scratch-off area on the card capture the image of the card front and back. Then they want you to take a survey of the store of where you purchased the cards from send completed survey to either [email protected] or text 209-208-8346. Do not have a printer so cannot send photo

Alejandro –

Victim Location 98683

Total money lost $595

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

This was supposed to be Walmart secret shopper through intellishop. They sent me an assignment by email followed by a Fedex package containing 2 postal money orders that I was supposed to cash at my bank and then proceed to the assignment of Britcoin. I checked out this company at BBB and a huge alert came up on it. So I started asking them questions, like full company address, contact number, Managers name and address ect.

Still waiting for a reply.

Leonard –

Victim Location 44118

Type of a scam Employment

Was sent a letter and a check to purchase gift cards and evaluate Wal-Mart stores felt uneasy and not sure

Phillip –

Victim Location 26101

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I received a blank money order in the amount of $998.00 with instructions to make it out to me and cash it. Buy $850 worth of ITunes Gift cards, send pictures of them to [email protected] The remaining $148 left was to be my commission.

Grant –

Victim Location 45342

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Offered up to $1000 for being a secret shopper. Sent check to my home address. Problem being the check is made from Walmart’s account. Contacted Walmart and they don’t use secret shoppers.

Found out that secret shoppers are paid a minimum of $25 and a maximum of $35. I received $995. Never cashed the check. Am planning on turning it over to the Attorney Generals office

Dawn –

Victim Location 27103

Type of a scam Employment

I initially received an email from this person claiming that I "have been pre-qualified to take part in the Intellishop® Secret Shopper program you signed up for and a survey package with rewards has been mail to your provided address. Kindly confirm you got this message?" *NOTE* I did NOT sign up for a secret shopper program! I received this letter and cashiers check at a family owned home. Mind you, I no longer reside at this house and haven’t for years. This is not my first rodeo with scammers so it made me laugh. The others were not from the U.S. Please be aware that this is happening on our soil also and is costing citizens a lot of money. God bless!

Kristina –

Victim Location 37138

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I received a cashiers check from Golden1 Credit union for $1850. A letter was with it stating to complete a Walmart survey on the employees by first depositing this check, buying something at Walmart, and then wiring money to 2 separate people and you get to keep $200. Someone has been texting my phone strongly pushing me to deposit the check and trying to convince me that it’s legitimate. The letter states to use the Wiring service at Walmart to wire two different people, Joshua Reese and John Maher.

Chad –

Victim Location 30080

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

They give a check to facilitate a WalMart store purchase, WalMart 2 WalMart transfer and a Money Gram transfer. You are given a BOGUS cashier’s check in the amount of $1,850 which they tell you to deposit into your checking account. I chose to take it to the bank it was drawn on (Bank of America) whose office manager informed me that it was a fraudulent document. DO NOT BE DUPED BY THIS ORGANIZATION!

Darren –

Victim Location 65251

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I got a priority mail package with a letter typed out and a cashiers check for $1870.00. The letter asked that I deposit the check, make two separate transactions for specified amounts and then I would be compensated $300 into my personal account.

Janelle –

Victim Location 97402

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I received a check for $1850 was suppose to go deposit it. I was then to go to walmart and buy something for under $50. I was then asked to do 2 moneygram transfer for $790 ea.I called the company that was to have written the check and was told they didn’t. I can’t get the check under 2MB to send it

Lauren –

Victim Location 19702

Type of a scam Employment

IntelliShop sent me a check from

The Discount Center Inc

Pompano Beach Florida 33069

For $2320.48

Instructions say deposit in bank account for 24 hrs go to walmart as a secret shopper follow all instructions on 2 papers that are photo copied

Do not attempt this !

I’m am including a attachment of what I received

Brooke –

Victim Location 71753

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I have received a letter with a check and was told to put it in my bank and do a mystery shop. I was then to keep $200 and send the rest back. This is actually the 3rd letter I have received like this. The other 2 I turned over to my bank. They all are from different companies and I have not signed up for it.

James –

Victim Location 77382

Type of a scam Employment

I received a survey offer from [email protected] via for a WalMart Survey. As it was via SurveyMonkey, it appeared legitimate. I filled in requested information and soon received text message (with misspellings – suspicious) saying I had been selected. I then received a Priority Mail envelope with a check for $1,550 and instructions to deposit the check asap and to 1.Shop at WalMart (noting professionalism, etc.) and (best part) 2. to use WalMart Money Gram to transfer specific amounts to two different receivers. This all needed to be done within three days of depositing the check. The $200 (supposedly) remaining after the shopping and the wire transfers was to be my fee. I kept getting text messages asking to confirm I had received the "survey package." This is clearly a scam. The deposited check would have bounced, leaving me or anyone making the wire transfer per the instructions out the money wired with no recourse (and possibly liable for bank fees for the bad check). Oddly, the amount I was to spend and send exceeded the amount of the check. Ben Dards is supposedly the "Task Manager"; IntelliShop (It’s About the Customer), the survey company; Trex Company, the business issuing the "check." Notably, when I returned to the original SurveyMonkey email and clicked on the link, the message "This survey is currently closed due to a violation of SurveyMonkey’s terms of use.

Roberto –

Victim Location 48167

Total money lost $20

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I participate in local surveys/focus groups/product research groups and was contacted about a secret shopper task via Walmart. The company that contacted me checked out and everything looked legitimate as usual. I always research the companies I do this for as I know there are plenty of scams out there. I was sent a money order which seemed a little sketchy but my husband did his own research and determined that it seemed legitimate. I cashed the money order at my bank with no issue. The first part of the scam was to spend $20 at Wal Mart and record certain information (how long it took to check up, ease of finding products, how many employees spoke to you, etc). All of this was very similar to other tasks I have completed. I spent $20 on groceries I needed anyway and went to complete past 2 which was to send a money order. While making two attempts to do this something just seemed off. I went home and did not complete task 2, deciding I wanted to research it a little more. The next day my husband went to our bank to discuss this with them and ask if the money order was counterfeit, they told him they would check and if in fact it was we would not be charged any processing or overdraft fees, the money would just be deducted from our checking account. My husband took the cash we had originally received and deposited it within our checking account as a preemptive measure in case the money order was a fake. Meanwhile I was getting emails and texts from a "Bob McChristy" at the email I submitted asking me my progress. I noticed that they were increasing and the spelling/grammar was poor. I replied and informed them that I was checking the money order to make sure it wasn’t counterfeit. They kept sending emails that didn’t seem like a response to my email, but just canned emails sent at arbitrary intervals. My husband spoke with the post office and they confirmed the money order was counterfeit. Luckily we only spent $20 and it was money we would have spent anyways. The bank deducted $998 from our checking account when they confirmed this was a counterfeit money order. In hindsight, I should have never even cashed the money order and reported it immediately as it seemed a little shady, but the website checked out so I proceeded.

Katie –

Victim Location 38652

Total money lost $1,900

Type of a scam Employment

i was asked to be a secret shopper. when i deposited the check that was send to me in order to complete the task, it was cleared. When the money was withdrawn and the task was done, the check was blocked and the bank put my account in overdraft. $1850.00

Reginald –

Victim Location 61032

Total money lost $1,800

Type of a scam Employment

This company sent us a check and had us transfer "their" money to two people through Wal-Mart2Wal-Mart and switched the names at the last minute on me. Then the check was returned no good and now we have to pay back $1800!

Larry –

Victim Location 77340

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Signed up for surveys with this company. They sent me a check and instructions for a secret shopper job. I tried to deposit the check as instructed. My bank could not get the routing number to pull up and told me the check was fake. They kept the check and turned it into the police.

Brent –

Victim Location 33331

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted via email to be a secret shopper for Walmart. I was to evaluate a local store, submit a report, purchase one item under $50.00, keep $200 for myself, and send 2 money transfers ($790 each) to 2 named individuals in Houston Texas. I cashed the check for $1850.00 that was sent to me to fund these activities and waited to see if the check would clear before I did anything. The check was returned to my account today. I would have lost $1850.00 if I had not realized that this was a scam.

Linda –

Victim Location 32514

Type of a scam Employment

Secret shopper program for Wal-Mart. This is how you intially sign up. Next this company called intelliShop mails you your instruction on what they need you to do and it must be completed in 3 days in order to be selected again. This check they mail you takes 3 days to clear the bank therefore forcing you to use your own funds. Even if the ck is cashed and bank find out it’s no good your responsible for those funds. This is clearly a scam. Please let others know.

Rafael –

Victim Location 21703

Total money lost $1,500

Type of a scam Employment

I received a text (from the above phone number) telling my I had been selected from the survey I had filled out to represent Intelli-shop to evaluate the locale Walmart store. They indicated I will be receiving a letter with a check in the mail for $1850.00. $250.00 of it I would be able to keep. I stupidly fell hook, line and sinker on this one! Anyway, I received the letter w the check (which I stupidly deposited in my PNC account). I was then directed to go to the local Walmart Store and do the following: 1. Make a purchase of under $80.00 but take note of the greeter at the door, getting his name and how he greeted me as well as the cashier where I purchased the items taking note of her name and her professionalism.2. I was then to go to their Walmart Money Store as they were suspecting embezzlement from their employees. I was again to take note of the representatives name and professionalism. I was told to make two $750.00 transfers (total of $1500.00) to two individuals that were named in the letter (even when I made this transfer the walmart money store lady asked me if I really wanted to do this as this was cash at the other end! ) After I performed the above duties I was to email the results back to the above mentioned email account. But of course the next day PNC recognized this bogus check for what it was (and I realized why the scammers kept telling me to hurry and do the above after depositing the check so I wouldn’t realize they were indeed scammers!! Of course upon discovering I was just scammed out of $1500.00 I went to my local PNC and closed my account, called the local police and the FBI. I felt like a complete [censored] (which I guess I am!-but never again!(

Lucas –

Victim Location 27284

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I’m a recently widowed senior citizen and money is tight so I signed up to be a mystery shopper. I received a priority mail envelope with a check for $1850.00 from Chase Bank, with instructions that I was to shop at Walmart. I was to buy myself something for not more than $80 and then I was to use the Walmart to Walmart transfer and send $750 to a Clifford Johnson in Houston, Texas. I was supposed to send another $750 to Steve Ferguson, also in Houston. $250 was mine as payment for doing this. I was to go to Walmart and observe the greeter at the entrance and get their name, buy something and get the name of anyone who helped me. When I checked out I was supposed to later record how the cashier greeted me, how professional were they, etc. I was to make sure I did not let on to anyone that I was evaluating them. Afterwards, I was to text or email the receipt to the phone number or email mentioned above. All this was in a letter signed by Ben Dards, Task Manager. I’m so glad my bank, Wells Fargo, caught it before I lost that money. I would have had to pay the bank back and I surely have no money to do that.

Margaret –

Victim Location 30736

Type of a scam Employment

They sent it through priority mail. Ben dares at 2025 micheal Owens way perrysburgh Ohio 43551 I was suppose to cash check and send it to Timothy turner in Houston Texas ,77005 and to Bradley ingersoll in Houston , Texas 77005

Larry –

Victim Location 20601

Type of a scam Employment

I received a text from a company named Intellishop offering me the opportunity to take part in a Secret Shopper Program to evaluate Wal-Mart. I would be evaluating the cleanliness and professionalism of the cashier, also the speed of the transaction. I would be compensated $250 for my participation. Since I’d participated in legitimate Secret Shopper Programs in the past, but never compensated above $35, I thought this would be a great opportunity for me to make extra cash. The text asked me to acknowledge receipt and understanding, so I did.

A few days later I received a USPS Priority Mail package. Enclosed was a letter from IntelliShop and a check for $1,850. The letter congratulated me for pre-qualifying to take part in the Secret Shopper Program and instructed me to deposit the enclosed $1,850 check into my bank and noted that $250 is compensation for my participation in this consumer evaluation.

The first part of the evaluation, I was instructed to purchase any item not more than $80 and to note the cleanliness and professionalism of the cashier, as well as the speed of the transaction. I was also to note the name of the cashier and whether they said "Welcome to Wal-Mart at the beginning of the transaction.

The second part of the evaluation instructed me to utilize the Walmart2Walmart Money Transfer service at the same Wal-Mart store. I was instructed to make a Walmart2Walmart transfer of $1500 ($750 EACH) to:

(1) Receiver’s Name: Frederick Leona (2) Houston, Texas 77005

(2) Receiver’s Name: Charles Aylward (2) Houston, Texas 77005

Bottom Line: After reviewing the instructions I felt this was a scam and looked at the scam list, and sure enough, it is.

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