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Victim Location 82718

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I revieced a phone call this morning and was told that the lady represented a legal mediator and that I had a payday loan that was never paid, she told me that I was being charged with check fraud and would go to jail, that they would also garnish my wages and lien my car. They were contacting me because the six year statue of limitations on these charges was almost up so they were exercising their legal rights. This was my first real clue something was very wrong. I had not lived in the state or county of this supposed claim in almost ten years. She said they had evidence of a video tape, my signature, and that letters had been received at my address. I was confused with this and asked her for the address, she rattled off an address that I did not recognize. I asked her how she could prove this was legitimate and not a scam, she asked for my email address and sent me a link for esignlive with a document in it. This document listed a payday company, and amount of money but the wrong legal name for me and address. I told this woman that there is no way this was for me, I never lived at that address and she yelled at me to stop getting hung up on the address that they had people that knew where I was and I would be served or arrested today at work or home. She said she has been doing this for fourteen years and it was going to end badly for me. The judge would watch this video and I would go to jail. When I tried to question further she recited off my social security number and this is where I went very wrong, I verified that it was mine. I continued questioning because I had no recollection of an unpaid payday loan and she got very angry with me, I asked if I could get the original company’s contact information and was told that they would not speak with me as this was now a legal issue, said she was marking me down as refusal to co operate then hung up. I immediately called the Superior court in the county she was saying the charges were in and they have no open cases on me at all, the clerk suggested I contact law enforcement. I turned this information in and was contacted a little while later asking for the documents that this company sent me. The officer said this woman told him I was never threatened and that she was a debt collector, he suggested looking into the debt and re assured me that this woman could not file criminal charges against me. I next called the payday loan company listed on this email I was sent and was informed that I held no outstanding debt with them and had never had an account. My next calls were to the FTC and the FCC to report this call, they advised me to put a flag on my credit reports because I verified my social with this woman. When calling the number back (local) it says IFS and wants a reference number on hand to talk to a person, there is a toll free number listed on the email, neither of these numbers come up on public white page searches, after searching all day I can also find no information about this supposed legal mitigation or debt collector or whoever they are pretending to be.

Name on top of Email: Integrity financial services

Name Signed on Email: Integrity Financial, LLC

Toll Free 866-217-1778

Local 307-683-1686

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