Integrity Film Productions Reviews - Integrity Film Productions Scam or Legit

Erica –

Total scam hopefully you didn’t get in it they scammed me out of $3430 I’m still catching up with my finances. They tell you to put down a deposit on gear and send you an invoice and everything then stop payment on check.

Karl –

Victim Location 33405

Type of a scam Employment

I sent my resume to an ad on Craigslist; 9/21/19

Dear Management,

I will be relocating to Los Angeles area from West Palm Beach. I’m seeking long term relation with established production company for schooling and career. Please review my resumé. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

I received reply; 9/24/19


Thanks for your interest. We have reviewed your submission details and we’ll be happy to have you on board for the upcoming production. This will be still photography for a commercial campaign. Your main focus will be gear management, help with gear pick up/drop off but may also need to help with other task as assigned. You will be responsible for keeping the production schedule on track, attending to the needs of the crew, collecting and organizing paperwork. This is a contract role to start, but has the potential to become a staff position.

Production Details:

Project type: Commercial

Location: Manhattan Beach Pier, CA

Date: October 10th – 13th 2019

Compensation: $1,200

Kindly get back to me if you have availability for the required dates and can perform all the required task so i can send you further details along with the crew contract agreement in a follow up email.

Steve Birch

Production Manager

Integrity Film

I replied back with; 9/24/19


Thank you kindly for reviewing my resumé and for the opportunity to have me on board. Please forward me the task outlines and agreement.

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Following day no reply back so responded with a; 9/25/19


Following day received a reply; 9/26/19


Thanks for your response. The call time is from 9am to 3pm. Attached to this email is a contract agreement i need you to endorse. Review it carefully and sign it after doing so, then email me back with a copy of the signed contract so i can commence with further arrangements.

Steve Birch

Production Manager

Integrity Film

I responded back on 9/26/19


I’m a little confused on your company name…there are 3 different names Integrity Media, Integrity Production and Integrity film production. Which one is it? Plus you never sent a me an outline of tasks? In edition for my security I would like to be able to find you through the California Business Search? The states 1 complaint and shows it was a scam. Your company address doesn’t even appear. I apologize if I’m coming out so blanketed, but in this day in age with technology you have to be. If you can please provide legitimacy for security and legal purposes that would most Definitely make this comfortable. Thank you.

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