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Devon –

Victim Location 55304

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Claiming I owe them money for a pay day loan no date when that was taken out no financial instituting company that the funds went into no name of the person taking the pay day loan out

Dear Customer,

As you are aware, you have a small pay day loan bill of $1086.80 that remains unpaid. We feel we have done everything possible within reason to collect the money you owe us. We have decided that unless you make immediate plans to repay us this money, we will write this debt off our books and claim it as “bad debt loss” to the IRS.

Did you know that any money you owe us and don’t pay should legally be declared as “additional income” for you or your business during the year in which you incurred the debt?

If we decide to write off this debt, we will use IRS form 1099-A which will show the IRS that the $1086.80 became income for you and bad debt for Instant Cash.

You can avoid the unnecessary actions by immediately getting in touch with us either through e-mail or through phone. For any queries feel free to e-mail us back. We will be handling this matter over with you and will be providing you some pay off or Settlement options if available.

Thank You,

Instant Cash

Here is a simple question: Do you really want the IRS poking around your tax returns to see if you claimed that money as income? Wouldn’t it just be easier to pay your bill?

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