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Robert – Jun 09, 2020

Victim Location 68521

Total money lost $198.70

Type of a scam Online Purchase

The online site made an offer for a FREE 30 day supply of KETO DIET pills by simply paying the postage of $4.99. I completed the credit card information for the postage. Later that morning I got an email confirmation that stated I had ordered 3 bottles of the pills with 2 free and provided contact information (in case there was a problem). I called the phone number provided and got a recording (due to the shortage of customer service available from COVID) I stated that I wanted to cancel the order completely.

The recording said they would get back to me within 24 hours. I looked at my credit card transactions and saw there was one for $198.70 for that purchase. I again called the company and again left the cancel message. I then called my credit card company and requested to dispute the charge. They said I had to wait until it "hard posted" on my account which might take a few days. When it did I called again to have them process the dispute. I never heard anything from the company indicating they got my message, no return phone calls or emails. When the package arrived on May 18th I REFUSED delivery and the mail carrier scanned the tracking number indicating that. Due to the mailing method used by this company they used the cheapest postage available and do not accept refused deliveries. The packages are, therefore, destroyed by the postal service. The website states they have a return policy with 100% money back. I am also reporting them to the Postal Inspector. I am now attempting to get my money back from scammers who know exactly how to get away with their tactics.

Chelsea –

Victim Location 13209

Total money lost $198.70

Type of a scam Online Purchase

The situation first started when a charge of $198.70 made on a bank account that I had $2 in the checking account. This specific bank account has not been used in over a year other than to pay off a car loan. The statement from the bank provided the company name and phone number. After calling the phone number we spoke to three customer service representatives. The first one hung up before the situation could be explained. The second stated that their solution could be to give a 25% return and that was the best they could do. The third stated they would transfer the information to their fraud department and they would contact us in a couple of days. I then went ahead and emailed the company as well, where they stated that they could give me a full refund, but a $5 restocking fee per bottle would be charged. I have never heard of this company, let alone gave them any of my information. They had my maiden name, access to bank account, previous address, phone number, and current email address. I have contacted the bank to which they have started a fraud dispute. I just want to get this information out there to prevent this same thing from happening to anyone else and to hopefully shut the company down.

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