Julian –

Victim Location 30038

Type of a scam Other

Flyer claims to help you pay bills and put money in your pocket for a fee, you pay them 60% and they will pay the rest (rent, utility, car note, cable, credit cards etc.) When I called the number on flyer to inquire how this was possible, the male (Michael) who answered the phone would not freely tell me the name of this company he’s representing. When asked how this worked he explained, you pay them a fee (a portion of your actual bill/payment due and they pay it off in full. I asked him what’s in it for his company, how do they get paid I did not get an answer. He just repeated you pay us and we pay the whole bill. I asked again if you pay $500.00 and I pay you $300.00 you’re in the hole, so who pays you the rest of the debt you paid for me? Again, nothing then he hung up. I called right back and the call was forwarded to voice mail.

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