Initech – Computer Software Scam

Initech – Computer Software Scam Reviews, Check Initech – Computer Software Scam Scam or Legit
Mindy –

Victim Location 13219

Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a phone call on saturday morning at 7:45am. the woman on the other line claimed to be from a software company who had received automatic messages from my computer about an issue that they could fix for me if i allowed them access to the computer.

Immediately I was skeptical due to the time and day that she was calling. I also only have a work computer and we have our own help desk and security protocols to prevent breeches. they would have called me on my office phone not my home phone. I would have also had to call the companies help desk or they would have arranged for a tech to visit me at work (during normal hours). I also just have to hit yes or no on a dialogue box to allow my company access I don’t ever set the access up for them.

The woman insisted that the computer was sending her a message for her to fix my software, but then asked what type of computer I had. If the computer was sending her an error I would assume she might be able to tell if its a PC or MAC based on the message. I asked her what company she was calling from. she responded that she was in South Carolina at a software company. after asking for the name of the company she kept telling me its just a software company that fixes the issue that I am having with the computer and that she would walk me through how to set up the computer so that she could access it. after i persisted she told me the name of the company was Initech which i only know as being the fictional company from the 1999 movie office space. I hung up

later i looked up the phone number that came up on my caller ID. it came up as west virgina which could be where the phone server is located if this company is legitimate but the caller said the company was based in South Carolina. the number came up as BROWN, KENNITH D. 1(304)743-8823

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