Informed Electro Reviews - Informed Electro Scam or Legit

Taryn –

Victim Location 03071

Type of a scam Phishing

Received a robo phone call last evening asking: Are you the lady of the house?

Naomi –

Victim Location 44256

Type of a scam Phishing

asked if I voted in last presidential, I answered "yes", asked for my first name

Alex –

Victim Location 92021

Type of a scam Phishing

Don’t say ‘Yes’ when robocall scam rings

Recorded call from caller ID "INFORMED ELECTRO" (phone # 619-701-0053) says they are a one question survey and want to know if you voted in the last election. I stupidly replied "YES". They then asked if they could call back next month with a one question survey. I replied "NO" so now they have my recorded voice saying "YES" and "NO".

My wife reminded me that this was a scam recently documented on the news.

Text below from: <span title="… />
The Federal Communications Commission Monday issued a consumer alert against just such scammers. When a caller says, "Yes," that they can hear the robocall, their reply is recorded and used to authorize fraudulent charges via telephone on the victim’s utility or credit card account, the FCC says.

The scam is prevalent, based on complaints the agency has received and from news reports across the U.S. The fraudulent callers may impersonate familiar organizations to get you to answer and talk.

"Robocalls are the number one consumer complaint to the FCC from the public. And it’s no wonder: Every month, U.S. consumers are bombarded by an estimated 2.4 billion robocalls," said FCC Chairman Ajit Pai last week at the agency’s March meeting, during which the commission voted to begin a rule making process to eliminate robocalls.

"Not only are unwanted robocalls intrusive and irritating, but they are also frequently employed to scam our most vulnerable populations, like elderly Americans, out of their hard-earned dollars," Pai said.

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