Infinite Shopper Reviews - Infinite Shopper Scam or Legit

Henry –

Victim Location 91423

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I received an in mail message from a fake LinkedIn profile from Infinite Shopper. The in-app mail asked me to become a mystery shopper so I can make up to 1k a week. The message included a link that took you to a pngage that looked pretty legit. There was an application form to apply — within the application form they ask for your name, address, numbers and e-mail and they reach back to you after a week or so through text. When I received the text and not e-mail I thought it was really unprofessional, the person would text me at 5 am asking me to look out for a package that would be delivered by priority mail. Then they texted me twice after they sent it to see if I received the package — the way they kept texting me had me get really suspicious. The package received was a legit looking check for almost 1k. In the packet, it explained that you had to purchase 500 worth of Google Play cards from two different stores and the faster you deposit the check and purchase the cards the bigger bonus you would receive. After you purchase the google play cards you have to scratch off the cards and e-mail the numbers to them. After I read everything I got extremely suspicious and started doing research and saw that many people were scammed the same way and the check bounced and they were responsible for the payments. Thankfully I did my research before I moved forward. Another shady thing, was the linked in profile name and photo they used was of an innocent relator — I took the name and photo and searched it in google and saw they were using someone else’s identity to sell this scam. Make sure you guys research because things aren’t always what they seem. And stay away from INFINITE SHOPPERS!

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