Infinite Accountant, LLC

Infinite Accountant, LLC Reviews, Check Infinite Accountant, LLC Scam or Legit
Ashlee –

Victim Location 96785

Total money lost $832

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

We received a notice that there may be "Chargeback" from Intuit Quickbooks Payments. We contacted what we thought was Quickbooks, which turned out to be Infinte Accountant, LLC, who say they are affiliated with Quickbooks. They went on to inform us that we could not do anything about the Chargeback unless we paid $832 to update our 3 year contract that has expired. After paying the $832 via our credit card, we learned that we never had a contract with them, and they are NOT our Quickbook representative, After much going back and forth, they are refunding our $832.

This is surely a scam, as they showed us what looked like our account of payments over the internet, which we understand can not be done without our giving them our Intuit Merchant Services account number, which we didn’t give them.

We would like this scamming to stop.

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