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Indy Pos Systems LLC Reviews, Check Indy Pos Systems LLC Scam or Legit
Darrell –

Victim Location 46055

Total money lost $1,700

Type of a scam Employment

Two individuals named: Carlos Carranza AND Joel Pagan Rosado representing a company that goes by few different names, hired me and a colleague of mine to do IT project with few companies (Acuative; – (Guest-tek; – (HP to install HP printers) then they never paid us a dime.

Their main way of contacting people is through text messages and email. Initially, Carlos; who goes by the name Charlie and uses a google voice phone number, told me the contractor company was late in approving the pay. That’s why I took the second job to represent Guest-Tek.

They send you work orders very late through the night with a "nice" pay that makes it worth the risk. Then of course they never pay.

After the second project, I was contaced again by Carlos/Charlie to take a 3rd project. I refused since I wasn’t paid. That’s when he assured me that he will be receiving the pay next day and sending direct deposits right away.

Be warned. Never send them your personal information; bank accounts, address…etc)

They say they are from few different companies. Here are few names:

Indy Pos Systems LLC – 3712 Lafayette Rd, Ste 103. Indianapolis, IN 46222



Latin Pos Inc – 12878 Longleaf Ln, Fishers, IN 46038. Phone: (317) 969-0138

Or (which is associated with Carlos Carranza)

Once I submit this scam alert here I will be reporting it to Law enforcement and will also contact all companies I did work for to warn them of the scam so they don’t use future business with these individuals.

Best wishes to all.

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