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Tony –

Victim Location 89148

Type of a scam Employment

I posted on resume on Craigslist for myself (An executive chef looking for something new) I was contacted by Brenda Butler about an Quality control Manager. My duties were to receive packages, inspect them, take a picture, download the picture and a new label for FedEx, UPS, or USPS would be sent to me via the website and I would print it, bring it to said place for mailing and it was mailed. I would post a receipt of the mailing to the website, and that was it. I have a contract stating that I would be paid $2800 per month. Not a lot, but I am out of work and thought this would be simple .

So, after 29 days of doing this, I could no longer contact them. There phone rang and it was never answered, know one contacted in a week. i let them know about half way through this, about 15 days into "working" fir them that I have 4 packages with no labels, and I have received 34 letters with all different names on it using my address but there names. They are either from PayPal or Synchgrony bank

I s till have 4 packages, a watch, some clothes, some shoes and some plastic flowers. All of these are in my possession, however they are not mine

Jeffrey –

Victim Location 20110

Type of a scam Employment

I was working with this company at the first I thought they are reall cause everything its look like good and check everything it was cool my position it was quality control manager my job was just check inside the package if there is any damage and then receive the label and shipped thats all and the same day I should receive the first payment and I cannot get inside the system or reach him so I called the BBB and the checked they are not real and I reported to the police too to be in safe thank you

Jorge –

Victim Location 19802

Total money lost $160

Type of a scam Employment

I was hired by this company, stating I would get paid every month $3,000 to ship packages that was being sent to me and print off labels and take the packages to the post office and ship them off. Which I did for 2 wks straight. Last week, I contacted Stephanie Pepper who was my Supervisor and I asked her was I still working bc I haven’t been receiving any packages. She stated yes and just was waiting for packages to be shipped to me. Then Feb.25, I tried to get on my portal to see if any packages where coming and was unable to get on my portal. I contacted Stephanie again by phone and email and No Response. I was suppose to receive my first Pay March 5th, 2019.

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