Impostor- HP tech department

Keri –

Victim Location 77389

Type of a scam Tech Support

caller calls claiming to be HP support and says your computer has spyware on it. then they proceed to give you information about your computer and yourself (serial number, email, etc…) then the ask for access to your computer where they proceed to "show you that someone has been accessing your computer" when in realty it is just you, but if you don’t know code it can be easy to fall for. They then proceed to recommend a spyware protection and ask you that you buy VISA, Target, Walmart, etc… Gift cards and tell them the number. of course if you call HP they will tell you they know nothing about this. HP never contacts you directly without informing you before hand. They are extremely convincing and insistent on you buying whatever they are selling, this could be a tale-tell sign. They are never as courteous as people from actual costumer services. HP’s tech department does not contact anyone directly.

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