IMPOSTER-Senior Care Authority Reviews - IMPOSTER-Senior Care Authority Scam or Legit

Haley –

Victim Location 20152

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

A call will come from a variety of phone numbers and states, but the content of the call is always the same. A robot will say "Hi this is Joe with Senior Care Authority on a recorded line" and at first I would just hang up, but the calls kept coming. I get about 10 – 15 per day. This has been happening for several weeks, so I am now trying to put an end to it, as I believe it to be harassment. So, I wouldn’t say anything after picking up the call, and the robot would continue with "Are you there?" or "I have to adjust my headset. There, can you hear me better now?" and when I didn’t say anything more, the call would drop. Then, I started trying to figure out what the calls are about, so I would say "Hi Joe" and the robot would then start telling me about a Bahamas cruise trip, and would ask me questions which I understand were just to get me to give answers that could then be spliced in to make it sound like I was signing up for something. So, I would hang up. I have tried calling the numbers back directly, and most of the time it will have a busy signal. Sometimes it would would pick up but have hold music that plays endlessly. Other times it tells me more about the Bahamas cruise. The problem is that despite having my number on the Do Not Call Registry, I am constantly receiving these calls with no way of removing my number from their call list.

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