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Summer –

Victim Location 38017

Type of a scam Employment

I had been looking for a new job on Indeed for several months. Ryan Atlas contacted me for an interview through IM for a position as a virtual assistant for Omada Health. Then a few days later he contacted me again to say that I had gotten the position. That I would be contacted shortly by my Team Lead and begin an assessment test. I explained that I had a job and would need to give 2 weeks’ notice before beginning work. Ryan said that would be fine to go ahead and give my notice. I needed to complete training first so the timing would be fine.

I then received an employee number and the Team Lead, Lauren Fix subsequently contacted me via IM to welcome me aboard. I was instructed that I would be receiving the Omada Code of Conduct, a list of the equipment that I would be receiving for my home office, an offer letter for $25 per hour during mandatory training and $32 an hour for work at a minimum of 30 hours per week. I should sign the offer letter, scan it and send the scanned copy along with a copy of my driver’s license to begin. My assessment test would be to next day.

The next day I was asked to send pictures of the area that would be the location of my home office. It was explained that I would be expected to purchase the equipment from their authorized vendors and would be getting a check to deposit to pay the vendors. I was concerned because it is unusual for companies utilizing home office locations to expect the employee to pay for the equipment as most have special price contracts with vendors.

The next step was to go to CVS or Walgreens and purchase $250 in google gift cards in order to load the G1 Time Tracker software on MY computer so they could track my time and pay me. Sounded suspect so I googled G1 Time Tracker and found out that it was used in several employment scams. I asked IM-Lauren is she had heard of the G1 Time Tracker scam and she was surprised. Omada is an awesome company to work for and to prove how committed they were to my employment, she would have her secretary out to purchase the cards for me. She has children so she couldn’t go herself. She just needed to know how much I could reimburse her now and how much after I got paid. I explained again that I would not be able to reimburse anything at this point in time. So she gave me my first assignment: Write 2 paragraphs to explain Cash Flow and email them to [email protected] by 10 pm ET. She would contact me the next day for the next assignment in my assessment process. I don’t expect to be contacted again but we will see. When I researched the company I found that is not a REAL company address. The S in the Omada health email address used in the IM is not in REAL Omada Health email addresses.

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