Imposter Lifetime Financial Services

Rachel –

Victim Location 80013

Total money lost $532

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I applied for a personal loan and was contacted by Lifetime Financial Services by a "Chief loan officer" named Melanie Jones. She claimed I was approved for the loan, but I would need to put down a 3 payment collateral in order to prove that I could repay the loan. She sent all the formal paperwork for me to sign off on the loan and I sent the collateral via Western Union. I should’ve known better, but did it anyway. Once the funds were received she said my loan would be released in a certain time frame. Guess what it wasn’t and after several conversations with her and telling her that I felt uneasy and wanted a refund of my money, she said she guaranteed that everything was legit and the insurance company that was backing the loan had looked over my original application and found discrepancies on my behalf. They were asking for another 3 months collateral, but Lifetime Financial was going to take it out of petty cash and get this us moving because it was their fault that things were guaranteed and said to be set to happen in a certain time frame. Long story short, I never spoke to her again. I was connected with someone who claimed to be her supervisor and that he was going over call tapes to see where things went wrong and to reprimand her for what went wrong on their end. He got extremely rude with me and hung up the phone on several occasions when asked when my refund would be handled. I was told that the refund would be released upon the companies pay schedule which would be August 11th or so. Keep in mind that I have been dealing with this company since June. I take responsibility for my role, but they are a fraud.

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