IMPOSTER: FSA student loans Reviews - IMPOSTER: FSA student loans Scam or Legit

Carrie –

Victim Location 74133

Total money lost $700

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I was a student at OSU Tulsa, during this time I accumulated government loans. When it was time to pay back my loans, I received a call initially in February 2017 from Steve Mighty at 858-522-9991 ex.103 claiming he was from the financial aid department for the government. He stated that I had been given loan forgiveness and a huge chunk of the loan who be deducted. Instead of 72,000 I would only owe 10,000 because of my financial status. Steve claimed in order to get this forgiveness from the government I would need to make payments in the amount of $140.00 per month for five months for this year. After the five months I wouldn’t make anymore payments until January 2018 in the amount of $39 per month for the next 10 years. I thought to myself this is a great deal, but I was a little skeptical so I told him I would call him back. At that point he told me that if I were to call back at that point I would have to speak to the head of the financial department by the name of Marc Shuter 888-492-4117 so I did. Marc gave me his email address helped me set up an account to check my status as I made payments and gave me a reference number of 413435. At the time I was on unemployment so he told me this is the reason the payments would be $39 per month. He informed me that when I got a job to contact him to reevaluate the pay amount but if I grossed under 25,000 per year the amount would stay the same. At this point I agreed and gave him my credit card information to start these $140.00 payments which would be deducted from February-July 2017. Well on 9/15/2017 a representative from the financial aid department 254-613-6083 called and said I was delinquent on my loan payments by 41 days. I explained to her what I had agreed to back on 2/17 she dad no records of this but she put me on hold to contact Fsaid directly this young man stated that there was no record of any payments on my behalf. I tried to call both numbers back and get a message each time that customer service is not available at this time each time I try.

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