Imperium Dietary Supplements Reviews - Imperium Dietary Supplements Scam or Legit

Spencer –

Victim Location 30309

Total money lost $34.91

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I saw an ad on facebook advertising a 14day trial for Imperium Garcinia a weightloss supplement. It said i could try it risk free so I signed up to be sent a supply to try and all i thought I had to pay was shipping. I received the product and to my surprise they sent me a 30 day supply of the garcinia and a 30 day supply of colon cleanse which i had not requested. After doing some research online to find out more about the supplement I saw many complaints about this being a scam and if you don’t cancel after 14days you will be continual charged each month for a 30 day supply. So I went to their website to find out where this was stated and it’s in a separate link under their agreement terms which is not at all stated when you set up your trial. It said I could email or call the company to cancel. Well I emailed them first and was told they could not cancel via email due to their privacy policy. So I called them this morning and was told in order to cancel the product I would still be charged $79 for the 30 day supply of both bottles they sent me. I was livid because no where did it state I would receive a 30 day supply and I never requested the colon cleanse. I told the employee I spoke with that I hadn’t opened the product because come to find out this drug interacts with a medication I take (which is true) and I’d prefer to send them back to the company and not be charged for product I hadn’t asked for, but he told me I would be charged $23 to return the product for some re-shelving fee plus shipping. After telling him I wanted to report them as a scam, he told me not to return the product and I would only be charged the $23 and future deductions wouldn’t happen. I asked for an email confirming this but haven’t received one. I will be blocking any potential future charges from my credit card. I’m glad I saw others post that this was a scam because i wouldn’t have ever known I needed to cancel! Hoping to stop others from falling for this!

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