ImG grant

ImG grant Reviews, Check ImG grant Scam or Legit
Emily –

Victim Location 31030

Total money lost $1,450

Type of a scam Government Grant

I was contacted by a person who was supposedly one of my friends. I later learned that apparently they had stolen her identity as well. Thinking everything was ok I stupidly began sending money via western union. As of now I have sent a total of around 1450.00 and they are still trying to get 750.00 more. They promised delivery of my grant which was supposed to be around 100,000. Each time it was an excuse like a flat tire getting to me, and even saying they were in an accident in snow (April 29th). I live in Georgia and there has not been any snowfall in the last month or so. I was sent pictures and have them on my phone.I was even asked to allow them access to my verizon account so that they could utilize it and order i-phones to be used as collateral. I know that I was stupid forever believing such a thing, but eryone does stupid things sometimes. Please advise.

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