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Type of a scam Government Grant

Received what seemed to be a genuine message from an old friend via messenger where she shared how she received funds from a federal government grant program. One of the messages read as follows:

This is new program was established by the Federal Government with the conjunction of World Bank to helps people in the society to meet up their needs,And i got $450,000.00 delivered to me when i apply for the federal government grant poverty and you don’t need to pay it back,you can also apply.

The person proceeded to share the contact info (Lawrence David) and told me to ask how I can apply for the program. I did just that. We communicated via text and I was informed that I needed to give the following info:

You are required to provide

Your full Address…

Your Occupation…..

Your Monthly Income…

Your Next of kin…..

Your Cell Number….


I did so via text. Then I was told to wait (in short); then I was sent this message via text:

"Okay,You are to choose the amount you wish to claim from us. And you will pay for the insurance fee to the Ups men in charge to deliver your money to you ."

"You pay $3000and get $300,000.00

You pay $4,500and get $450,000.00

You pay $5,500and get $500,000.00

You pay $6,000and get $550,000.00

You pay $6,700 and get $600,000.00

You pay $7,500 and get $650,000.00

You pay $8,000 and get $700,000.00

You pay $9,000 and get $750.000.00

You pay $9,500 and get $800,000.00"

It sounded like a scam so I inquired with whom I thought was my friend on messenger who affirmed it was legitimate, that indeed she did just that, pay the carrier, and that the attorney confirmed it was legitimate as well. Despite the grammar I did not have a reason to not believe what my friend was telling me. This was one of the text:

"I don’t refund the money back,He said every luck winner have to pay for tax fee Which I paid for,Before I pay for it I inform my attorney about it he said the program is real and legitimately"

Ultimately I did not pick an option and sent the following text message to the alleged scammer:

"My spouse and I discussed things and have agreed to cease all communication with you. I advise you to not contact me again."

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