Idaho Power Impostor

Joy –

Victim Location 83713

Type of a scam Utility

Antony called stating he was a technician from Idaho Power and that he was going to disconnect our power in 45 minutes. He gave a "reference" code, 9691T01. I said I would have to contact the person responsible for bill payments and asked for a telephone number. He said the number was for Customer Service. Our payment person immediately contacted Idaho Power to verify that all payments were up-to-date, which they were. He contacted the Customer Service number, and they could not verify that they represented Idaho Power or had the ability to look up account information by name only. This is a scam…

Elizabeth –

Victim Location 83605

Type of a scam Utility

Received a call from "Travis Wash" who said he was with the Idaho Power disconnection team and they were disconnecting our service. The only way to stop it was to call 888-562-5579 right away and reference #2569963. I checked the "last # called" and was given the #413-667-9571. I phoned that and an individual answered saying "Idaho Power". I asked for Travis; he set the phone down (didn’t put it on hold) and another man got on and said he was an administrator with Idaho Power. I asked for Travis and he said Travis was with their disconnection crew and not in. I said I would call back and hung up. I’ve reported this to Idaho Power as well..

Kevin –

Victim Location 83705

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Call received 8/17/18 with recording stating "This is Idaho Power calling with important information regarding your account. It is critical that you call us back right away to avoid interruption of your service. Dial 208-917-8390 or press 1 to be connected to customer service representative."

I pressed 1 and waited for person to answer the phone. The man had distinctive India accent with a blowing sound in the phone. I asked if he was breathing heavily into the phone, he said it was a fan he would shut off. When that sound went away, I could here many voices in the background like telemarketing. He proceeded to tell me our power was being disconnected today due to non payment. I pulled up the account and told him we mailed payment in full on August 3rd and had zero balance due. He wanted our account number, & I said we are a business with 7 accounts & multiple locations, could he tell me which location. He asked for our address or phone number. I said, you called me and should have that, but gave him our phone number. He said the power at our address would be shut off today unless we gave him immediate payment. I asked which building as we have several at this location with different account numbers but all were paid with same check. Said they received check but could only apply to one account and all others had to be paid using a single check for each account. I told him this cannot be true as we have been in business over 40 years & that was never an issue. He said we had received two notices informing us of the change in payment application on multiple accounts. I told him I get all the mail here and nothing was sent, what about the balance from the check not applied?? He said they would send us a cashiers check for balance not applied, but had to have immediate payment to keep the power from being shut off. I told him I would have to call back when the owner was here so we could see what needed to be done to resolve this problem. After hanging up, I talked to our accountant and using speaker phone I dialed the number he gave me, same as one from recording. The phone answered by electronic system saying Thank You for calling Idaho Power, and went thru a series of instructions, including dial 1 to speak with a representative. I hung up the phone, got out the paid power bills, called the number on our bills to contact Idaho Power in Boise. The representative I talked to said the call I received was a FRAUD and we were not the first to get this kind of call. He verified that our account was paid in full, and no such payment policy had been changed to require a separate check for each account. I told him that I would expect to receive a letter to notify us if power was to be disconnected, which he said is their procedure. He said they are trying to track down the perpetrators as they have had other complaints, so I gave him the phone number I had. Also told him I would report to BBB. I called who confirmed this Fraud being reported several times, & was asked to report on this website.

Ian –

Victim Location 83706

Type of a scam Phishing

I received a call from a woman claiming to be dispatch for Idaho Power and stating that someone was on their way to shut off my power due to a past due account. When I stated that my account was not past due, she gave me a 1-800# to call. When I called the number given, they reiterated that since my account was past due I could either pay them or allow someone to come shut off my power. I said let them show up!

My account is not and has never been past due! SCAM! I did call Idaho Power to report the call.

Rebekah –

Victim Location 83706

Type of a scam Utility

Our company received a call about termination of service. We were given a work order number (44934) and a phone number to call (208-917-4221). He said it was an issue with the billing and called the office directly which seemed strange. He also said to remove any electronics within the next 45 minutes to avoid any damage.

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