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Hockey Centennial Reviews, Check Hockey Centennial Scam or Legit
Eugene –

Total money lost $507

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I ordered 3 Hockey Canada jerseys from, which claims to be an Official NHL Store.

I received a very strange "invoice" from a gmail account, and my jerseys did not ship for several days despite contacting them several times. I said I wanted my money back and that this seemed like a scam, and they assured me that they were a Canadian website and the jerseys would ship soon. Weeks later I did receive them, but they were clearly counterfeit products. A size large jersey went down to the knees of my 6 foot friend trying them on, cheap fabric and poor quality all around, despite paying $500 for 3 jerseys.

I contacted them and said I wanted to return these jerseys, and when I ordered, their policy was 14 days to return with a 15% restocking fee. They took several days to respond to my email, and told me I had 7 days to return them (which would cost me $155), and they would take a 20% restocking fee. I checked their website, and they had indeed updated it to say a 20% restocking fee, and now only 3 days to return items! Which is impossible to send from Canada to China in that short amount of time.

These people are complete scammers, and I just want to return the jerseys and get my money back.

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