Helping America Group, also 321 Financial

Helping America Group, also 321 Financial Reviews, Check Helping America Group, also 321 Financial Scam or Legit
Andre –

Victim Location 90008

Total money lost $400

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief


I am writing to complain about Helping America Group also known as 321 Financial. They called me weeks after I received a personal loan from Prosper Market Place. I was content with the loan I had with Prosper paying about $550/mo, but Helping America Group told me they could get me a rate of 9.99% and monthly payments of around $350 as long as they communicated with Prosper to see if they dotted their i’s and crossed their t’s, and to make sure everything was legal. Almost 2 months later, I was getting collection calls from Prosper and they said they had never spoken with Helping America nor 321 Financial. In addition, Prosper is an online business so they don’t communicate with 3rd parties via mail. My debts which was $14,500 and Helping America Group did not get involved with smaller credit card debts, thank God. So if Prosper will not provide requested documents to Helping America, then there are no services being provided. In such a case, I requested that my account be cancelled and they could keep my first payment of $350 for their "assistance" as long as we squash the remaining contract because it was going anywhere.

They refused and said I passed my 10 day intro period. But, since no service was rendered, I don’t believe I should be on the hook to pay them for another company’s loan. Now I have had to pay to cancel payments to both companies and it is ruining my credit. Also, Helping American Group’s operators are extremely rude and they make you use your full social security number as my account number.

I believe the promise is bogus and they should destroy the agreement since they cannot delivery on their promise. Plus, their operators are all rude and talk down to people. In addition, Helping America Group wants me to keep a call log for any debt collection calls I get and to send them in every month. I don’t plan on having to do work for debt consolidation. That is their job. Because of rude operators, I have had to hang up on a few operators because they have this "GOD Mentality" and I don’t deserve that kind of treatment. I just wish I never would have answered the phone that day. I need help. I want them gone!

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