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Lee –

Victim Location 32653

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

We are a doctors office and have had this company fax us prescription forms for patients that neither the patient or the physician were aware of, nor did they need the medication. We ask them to stop sending the requests, but they continue to send the requests hoping the physician will sign and authorize the medication for pain medication, muscle relaxers, topical pain medication and metabolic supplements.

They are for high doses of these medications.

When you call the number on the fax cover sheet it is not a valid number.

When I called the fine print number on the bottom of the prescription and asked their address so I can file a complaint, the rep wouldn’t give it to me and hung up. I called back and was transferred to a manager who asked me, were you the person who called last week and asked for an address. I said no, I just need your address. He responded, well I’m a business and I don’t need to give that information. He said if you want to ask a medical question to our pharmacist, I can give you that email address. He gave me the email address. He then hung up on me.

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