HB2 Reviews - HB2 Scam or Legit

Cynthia –

Victim Location 78248

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received what looks like a medical laboratory bill for some Lab work for my husband. The very legitimate looking letter had my husband’s full name, an Account Number and Reference Number, however the quality of the paper was not very good. The bill was for over $25,000. There was no reference to the doctor who ordered the lab work or the date of service. When I called the number to "pay by phone" the phone was answered with an automated voice identifying itself as "HB2 LLC" and I would be transferred to a customer service representative. Then an obviously foreign male voice answered and I heard what sounded like a boiler room [many foreign accents in the background in one room]. The man asked me for the account number and then said my husband’s name. He then said he would ask me some questions to verify it was him. He started by asking for my husband’s birthdate. I refused to give it to him. I asked him that unless he could give me a date of service and/or doctor’s name of who ordeerd the lab work, I would not give him any information. I told him an internet search did not produce anything for HB2. He told me he would record that I was refusing to pay this bill.

The address listed to "pay by mail" was P.O. Box 1350 Southgate, MI 48195. An internet search did not produce a company website for HB2 but the name was listed on eHealth with an address of 14820 Venture Dr. FL 2, Suite L, Farmer’s Branch TX 75234-2426 with a phone number of 214-377-9845. However when called, a Verizon message came on saying the number is not connected. eHealth listed Wade V. Rosenberg as the Director and CEO of HB2 LLC . eHealth listed this company as coming into existence in 2015. Wade V. Rosenberg was also associated as the Director and CEO of Mashed.

Hilary –

Victim Location 78217

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

I received an invoice in the mail stating that I owed them $1,248.00 for lab work. Supposedly, this was ordered by my MD in February, 2016. Calls to my Doctor resulted in them telling me they only use one specific lab. Called the lab and they confirmed they did my Doctor’s lab work and did not send anything out since they have their own specialty labs. Called HB2 back and told them I was not paying. I have also reported this to CMS.

Danielle –

Victim Location 48195

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

They sent me an invoice for $785.65 in laboratory fees. Which is ridiculous since I haven’t had any lab work done. They list no website on the invoice and when I called the 866-536-7224 it keep telling me all the lines were busy then sent me to voicemail. Where they ask me to leave my name and #.

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