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Kristina –

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Type of a scam Other

12/11/17 There is currently a website out there called Harveys {sic} Family Basset Hounds. I found it by running a google search for Basset breeders + Georgia. They only list an email contact. I emailed them, they emailed back. Oh, yes! They have the puppies available. Even had a thing about wanting to vet me to be sure I wasn’t going to acquire the dogs to become puppy mill breeders. I emailed back. Wow! Great! They will adopt to me! I said I was in Florida. Oh, they’re in Michigan (?) (no city named) so they’d have to ship. At this point, I thought I’d check more. It seemed too easy and they seemed eager to jump to the money. So I did an online match search for the photos of the puppies available. BAM. One popped up with all the photo information– photo was credited to someone who took it in 2007, ten years ago –(yet right now the puppy is supposedly 10 weeks old)–along with other pictures with the same background. Also, no Facebook link, no real references. The backgrounds of the puppies are all different, and really, all things considered, not many pictures.

The dogs listed were cheaper than normal, plus, as an added incentive, they say they have coupons with a carrier so the shipping cost would be free … right… and did I want to pick them up at the airport or have them delivered to my home? Yet when I asked for more info, like, pictures of the puppies parents, got no response… Their website looks legit at a glance, but I have a friend who designs websites, and this one looks kind of shoddy… and the "testimonials" –there are only a few– are really sketchy, plus the "information about the breed" stuff looks copied from an old encyclopedia. Lastly, while not everyone writes well, the website has some odd spellings and capitalizations that made me think again that there was something hinky going on. They even have a scam disclaimer at the bottom. Shame on them.


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