Fastfix Iphone Repair

Fastfix Iphone Repair Reviews, Check Fastfix Iphone Repair Scam or Legit
Ross –

Victim Location 91501

Total money lost $80

Type of a scam Tech Support

I went to this store to get my phone fixed first thing the guy told me he would drop 8 dollars if i payed in cash i think he was trying to avoid taxes but he only told me it was a discount if i payed in cash. Second after getting my phone fixed just 1 day later the inside cracked i had not dropped it or anything of that sort. They sold me a very cheep screen and when i contacted them they told me to pay another 30 dollars for the screen. When talking to them i could tell that I’m not the first person they have done this too. There selling screens that they know will brake very fast and trying to make more money off the people they sell it too twice. I work hard for my money and i just got riped off of 80 dollars of my hard earned money. Thank you for your time and reviewing this complaint.

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