Scott – Sep 18, 2020

Victim Location 70072

Type of a scam Utility

Today i recieved a automated call from "Entergy" stating that my service would be cut off today if i didnt pay the bill. The call stated that i needed to press #1 to be transferred to a operator that could possibly help. I pressed 1. A man came on the other line and stated i owed $896.27 and i told him i didnt owe that much i had just paid on my bill ( I do have a 2 month bill but had just paid on it) He asked me when i made my last payment and i told him. He asked how much i paid and i told him. Then he stated that all my payments were being applied to another account, and with the automated system sometimes it does that and with covid19 things were getting messed up. He even apologized for the incovience. Then he stated i would still have to pay the total amount of $896.27 and he would then turn it over to the credit department and i would be given a refund, with a 35% discount once they checked the accounts. I told him i didnt have that amount of money i couldnt pay anything. He stated that someone would be out today and cut my power off and if he could help he would but with it showing a 3 month bill there was nothing he could do. ( NOW THATS WHAT THREW ME OFF , becuase everytime i contact Entergy they are always willing to help) So i hung up on the man and called Entergy myself only to find out that i didnt owe that 896.27 and a new bill had just been generated and not even mailed out, and Entergy states they are NOT disconnecting anyone due to covid19.

Now i gotta tell you i almost fell for this, what worries me is that a elderly person might fall for it and they will definately get scammed.

if there is anyway you could put this onthe news so everyone can learn of the new scam that would be great


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