Kendra –

Victim Location 91355

Total money lost $59.95

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I saw an advertisement by Dudesgadget for a backpack via Facebook. I ordered the backpack for $59.95. A couple weeks later I still had no updates on shipping so I attempted to reach out to customer service. Their customer service was illusive and kept saying the same responses that things were delayed but shipping would happen soon. Then I asked to cancel my order and noted that I had to go through Amazon to get the backpack because shipping was taking nearly a month now. Customer Service continued being illusive and would only come back with "may I ask why you would like to cancel your order?" I would reply with the information that I’ve already provided And then they would never respond again. I now, 3 months after placing the order, just received a notice saying they can’t refund me because the order is now processed and will be shipping. Of course, at this point I do not want the backpack and it is still not here. I don’t know if a backpack will ever arrive but I have to assume that this is not a legitimate company but it is instead a scam that takes money but never sends any product.

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