Dreamteam Business Solutions LLC- Impostor

Keri –

Victim Location 03849

Type of a scam Tech Support

One tech originally contacted his name was David Deon 1-844-776-4701, convinced me that the pop up about my computer was legitimate and that it needed to be fixed right away (5500 viruses and malwear, and such had invaded my computer) because there were 11 out of the country IP address showing up and they were attacking my computer or using my information. I kept telling him I couldn’t afford any of this, asked if I did not do it would I be able to get back into my computer, of course not. Sent my call along to Stephen, he was the one who finally convinced me I had to do it, it would be in my best interest. Next we went to a Kevin who was supposed to be the fellow who was doing the fix. I was also told by David that it would take up to 40-45 min. To the tune of $199.99, didn’t have to pay right away, but wanted the Check Number that I was sending and also, only the bank name. They didn’t want the account numbers on the bottom of the check, hummmmmm.

So to make a long story short, they convinced me to do this eventho I told them I didn’t have the money David told me that I didn’t have to pay right away and they would give me time to get the money together….Computer fixed in less than 15 minutes, haha. And then Kevin reassured me that some computers don’t take that long to be done. This is the address that I was given to send the money Dreamteam Business Solutions, LLC.Sugarland, Tx. 77496 , PO Box 19171. The following day a woman named Jennifer called from the so called company demanding that I send the check the very next day……………..

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