Down Town Breeder

Melissa –

Victim Location 88345

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Interested in purchasing a munchkin kitten. Very odd exchange of partial information in broken english. Things didn’t make sense when they wanted my to pay all fees upfront to shipper. This is definitely not typical. Asked for shipper: which is a fake website also. Started asking for recent pictures and they just resent pictures on website. I researched those pictures and they are from another website in Russia that sold this kitten over a year ago. This down town breeder said the kitten was 11 weeks old. I asked for his TICA registration number and some other info and all communication stopped. This website is a scam. I am not the only one to report this. There is a facebook page called Sphynx Passionada Cattery has posted proof they stole her pictures and testimonies. It is quite extensive. I’m so glad I did my research These guys are pretty sophisticated

Jaclyn –

Victim Location 77498

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I found this business while I am searching for a cat breeder to purchase a munchkin cat. We first called the breeder to get some information and they said that they were in Ohio (the listing I first found them on said San Antonio, TX) They told us about how they would ship the cat to us for a very discounted rate. I later emailed them with additional questions. I asked for a more recent photo of the cat i was interested in and they sent me the same images that were on the website. This cat was 11 weeks old but the photos seemed to be of a much younger cat. I then asked to see photos of the cat’s parents so i could see how he would look as an adult. They sent me photos, but I quickly discovered that these were a random photo of a cat from the internet with a quick search. I also found the same photos of the kitten from their website (that I wanted to purchase) on another breeder’s website. The other website said it was a female cat and this breeder said it was a male. The person I talked with never would give me their name and they only kept asking when I would purchase the cat. I decided not to purchase from them because it seems like a scam.

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