Dorothy Andersen

Natalie –

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country Australia

Type of a scam Rental

Initial means of contact Email

26-OCT-2019: ,,Girl working on cruiser ship” with this name and email address above wanted to rent my room in our share house ( I put ad on gumtree ), she presents herself very nicely and she wrote she will send all of the money and bond together to my paypal account, she also noticed she needs to move some little stuff of her from USA to my house in AU. OK I said to myself, but after she wrote that she needs a favor, it was about to pay some money via RIA Money Transfer for shipping her stuff. She wrote she is sending all of the money for me plus the money for RIA transfer I should pay instead of her. But RIA transfer is possible to do via internet, so I asked her why she doesn’t do payment by herself, but she wrote me back she doesn’t have a credit card, that was so fishy… so we asked her for whatsapp conversation and she just lied again that she can’t do whatsapp because of signal.. anyway after I recieved email from [email protected] about the payment, I found there was

Shipping Info :

First Name: GUOYAN
Last Name: LIU
Address: 19, Tianzhi Road
City: Ji’an,
State: Jiangxi,
Zipcode: 343900
Country: CHINA.

also another mail address [email protected]

I don’t know what to do with that so I had to share this online at least.

Guys this is just horrible scam… they are just taking money from people who don’t pay attention just because they are poor bast***… literally:

Careful people! They do it because they can. Don’t believe anyone you have never met face to face and also don’t believe anyone who wants to send something somewhere over you or with your name on it!

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