Adrian –

Victim Location 98031

Type of a scam Phishing

Posted a vehicle for sale on Craigslist. Received a call and then text from 540-475-2060, asking if the car was still for sale and when that could see it. Responded and then received the following text "Will you pull me a report from to show me everything is OK with the vehicle, before I come out to check it out?" And "this shows your cars history‚Ķ accidents/title etc. please lmk if you can do that and forward document to my email [email protected] that would be great!" I didn’t click on the link to the site or email, but when I googled the site it redirected me to I told the person to pull it thselves and the continued to try and get me to do it. Contact shortly stopped after.

Jaclyn –

Victim Location 72401

Total money lost $18.50

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Listed car on Facebook and Craigslist contacted via text message asked if I could run a report on the car before they came and looked at it. Gave me a link to a website took me to a website called doctorbeepbeepcom. I stupidly filled out a report and it cost 18 some-odd dollars and I gave them my card information like an [censored].

The person told me to email the results to [email protected]

After I told her that I sent it she didn’t reply back and eventually replied sorry to leave you hanging but I cannot afford the car right now.

Hopefully they won’t steal my card info probably going to cancel my card pisses me off that people do this for a living.

Joe –

Victim Location 55042

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I am selling my vehicle on I was contacted via txt by this person yesterday asking if my vehicle was still for sale. I responded it was I just put it on the market the day before. She has asked for me to run a vehicle history report which will cost money to do on the website She wanted me to send her the report to her email [email protected] I told her I would not run the report at my expense. I did go to the website to verify if this is a legitimate business. The 800 number does not work. The address on the web site for Chicago is not valid. I did leave her a voice mail with no response other than another txt message. I am not dumb enough to fall for this scam. I did not spend any money doing this. I just want to make you aware of this company and the person who contacted me so that they are not able to get some other person to purchase a product that might not be legitimate.

Alexandra –

Victim Location 83301

Type of a scam Other

Posted an ad on and received a missed call from a Pennsylvania listed phone number followed by a text message inquiring about my vehicle for sale. Inquiry then requested a vehicle VIN check via a website and VIN checker I’ve never heard of. A little research found the website, address, and inquiry were totally bogus. Beware of,, and

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