DMA/ Direct Marketing Strategies

Marco –

Victim Location 06710

Total money lost $149.90

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I had received a call from a man that did not provide his name and he was kinda explaining something about someone he spoke to, that didn’t relate to me, once I corrected him he said "oh what number did you receive a call on", I said my number and he had pulled up my name. He said in the past on exactly Nov 18, 2016, I had paid $149.95 on Visa for an online program that included a built website that I paid to get built to advertise products for commissions but this didn’t ring a bell because I don’t remember having paid for anything as such in the past 2 years but I have before then. He explained to me, that he was just following up on people who have not worked the program like myself. He then had said he will transfer me over to a coach with 96% success rate and 20 yrs experience in marketing and he will be my mentor. The guy whom would be my mentor by the name of Anthony Davis, was explaining the program and it just didn’t make sense that I had a website that he could not prove to me or provide any information on, and then again asked to have me on level one I need to pay $1000 more and that then he will personally have me earning $200 a day for a week and then going higher until I then can pay for level 2 to make $10, 000 a month. He provided his cell number to me and was curious about how old I was because of my voice, that he just couldn’t get over it, thinking he can scam me if I knew nothing about a scam before. I then waited like 1 week from 3/28 when they initially had called me and I called the office number on April 9th, lady picks up says "hello DMA" I explained to her that I wanted a refund and she explained there couldn’t be a refund issued because the money was used towards the site when I first joined. I explained I didn’t use the program and don’t intend on participating and your office just called me 2 years later. I asked may I speak to a manager and she transferred me over to Anthony Davis whom I told I want a refund and he said there is none get mad all you want and I then said I will report you which got him really mad that he explained there is no refund and your account is now frozen and even used profanity at me calling me a piece of S*** and don’t ever call this number again. The first lady I spoke to before being transferred said we call only once after you join and if we don’t hear back it is our policy to not harass with calling back. So here I might have gotten one call I may have spoken to someone they never explained I paid 2 years back, and I didn’t participate then because maybe more money was asked, so I might have just labeled it "SCAM" and was done with it, until surprise they call again. (why then call years later rather than sooner especially if I paid??) made absolutely no sense to me. I then started thinking they are beating around the bush, and who even knows if I paid or not. It was scary they had pulled information on me in their system and I believe I spoke to this same guy some years back, but not in the last 2 years (something is fishy here) either, they are mixing up the dates or just calling and lying about me having paid. I don’t have the same bank account I did before to check the charges if anything. Their office number was called by me on private on at least 3 occasions after 4/9 and they refused to pick up after Anthony changing his tone of voice on me the first call, there is no voicemail and this is an unprofessional business model and they are out to scam the public is what it sounds like to me, I am unable to locate them online at their number but they are out of AZ somewhere.

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