Dispute Resolution Center – Imposter

Nancy –

Victim Location 77584

Type of a scam Debt Collections

This scammer claims to be the Dispute Resolution Center in Houston, Texas. They tell victims that they are collecting on a past debt and are going to press charges against the victim if they do not immediately pay the balance. They will sometimes ask for information such as addresses and social security numbers. They claim to be located in Willis Tower on Post Oak but if you speak to building management at Willis Tower they will inform you there is no organization by that name in the building. Another address offered by the scammer was found to be the address of a post office. There is a Dispute Resolution Center in Houston, but they are a non-profit organization that offers free mediation to residents of Harris County. They are not a debt collector. This scammer uses the nae

Amanda –

Victim Location 62703

Type of a scam Debt Collections

They first called us last Fall, giving similar details like their address in Houston, TX and that they have certified documents to serve my wife (referring to her maiden name). Both instances, they left a voicemail with details around how they’re going to serve us the documents (first attempt at home address, then at place of work). So, I called them back today and asked for their information so I can verify they’re a real business. I called the real DRC in Houston and asked to speak with Max Keller; I was told no person under that name works there and that they’ve been getting some calls reporting similar type of activity. I then called Williams Tower and asked if a business under the name of "Dispute Resolution Center" or "DRC" resided in the building; again, the answer was no. I called the scammers back to report my findings. I asked "why the DRC told me no one named Max Keller works there"; their response was "do you know how many DRCs are in Houston?". I said, "NO", then was told "3 locations" (even though only 1 is listed when you search online). Then I asked, "which location is this?", they said "Williams Tower". Then I proceeded with "how come the building tells me no such business exists in that building?", their answer: "The building isn’t obligated to tell you what business are in the tower". We went back and forth as I continued to call them out, while they stayed completely in character. I asked "how come the process server never appears to serve us documents?", they told me that the process servers have no affiliation and are complete entities from their business. "So how come the process server gave me this number to call?" This stumped them, and was told they cannot help me because I’m not being productive and hung up on me.

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