DirecTV impostor

Roy –

Victim Location 78242

Total money lost $720

Type of a scam Phishing

They first texted me with the promotion and I called them. Person calling saying from Direct TV with a promotion. Prepaid on E-Bay for 50% for 3 years on programing Purchase $720.00 E-Bay and called them 833-200-4661 I gave them the numbers on back of the card. But one day later they texted me that the cards were declined, and then they called me about the cards being declined. The number had been disconnected. The last call I accepted I was told once again about the cards being declined by then I knew after I spoke to the real Direct TV that there was no such promotion and that Direct TV only takes debit, credit cards or electronic bank draft, never E-Bay cards. I told the person that i knew they weren’t Direct TV and of course she said she was. The thing I don’t understand is that I went on line to E-Bay to check the balance on the cards I put the numbers on the back of the card and they were not showing. I was going to go back to CVS where I purchased the E-Bay cards and have them scan the bar code on the back to see if the money is still there. If they are unable to retrieve the money on the card how am I suppose to get the money back?

Joe –

Victim Location 44709

Type of a scam Utility

Received a call that caller ID labeled "Toll Free Call". On answering, man with Indian accent indicated that DirecTV was offering me a promotion in conjunction with Amazon for additional premium channels and lower price for 2 years ($69/mo). The offer was allegedly to promote Amazon’s gift cards. To activate this offer, I had to pay for the first 4 months up front by 9 PM. I had to do this by using Amazon gift cards to pay the up-front cost (i.e. first 4 months). The person provided 4 different stores (Walgreens and Rite Aid are the only two I recall) that had these for sale. I was assured I could buy multiple smaller amounts instead of a reloadable card, if the reloadable cards were unavailable. Once I had the $280 in gift cards, I was supposed to call (888) 401-6381 and give them the code(s) on the back of the card(s) to activate the offer, along with my "claim code" that was DTV followed by a 5-digit number. On asking, the man told me that I would not be able to pay online – I had to call the "Billing and Promotions" number they provided.

Candace –

Victim Location 25514

Total money lost $35

Type of a scam Other

There are many people executing this same scam on sale pages across facebook.

They are all offering the same thing, suspiciously cheap television, internet, and home security services.

Some are even going as far as impersonating sales representatives of Directv.

I have called Directv and asked if these services were available and the customer service representative I personally spoke to assured me that no such service was available and that employees could not advertise in such a manner as I had described.

People are actually falling victim to this scam with the economy in the shape it’s in, how can you blame someone trying to save a dollar.

Something needs to be done.

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