Digitech insight edge ronrim services

Barbara –

Victim Location 92663

Total money lost $199.99

Type of a scam Tech Support

My laptop began a very strident alarm when I was looking up a recipe. It then said that I was being hacked and to call their number immediately, do not turn off my computer! They presented themselves as Microsoft. I called their number and they said that even if I bought a new computer I was in jeopardy. They convinced me to give them money to fix this. They said they were legitimate after several questions. This is why they wanted a check, not a credit card. My bank can not do anything about it as they cashed the check immediately. I have to go to the police and file a report. I also received a transaction receipt via e-mail with another name on it. So far I have had 4 names applied to this fiasco. (They went into my computer. I finally found Microsoft’s real phone number (800)642-7676 and they went into my computer to check to see if everything was OK, free of charge. Microsoft does not call or charge you. I can not answer my phone anymore as Unknown number keeps calling me and a new tech keeps on saying I paid them, so they call themselves Digitech. Also named are Ronrim Services LLC, InsightEdge Erdstert, Rapid Tech, so far.

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