Dibs Homes

Maggie –

Victim Location 78705

Type of a scam Phishing

I found this website through Craigslist that guarantees a home and financing regardless of credit. It looked promising, but I then researched the CEO and found her arrest record for check fraud and see that she is a manager at a BBQ restaurant in Big Spring, TX. Hardly in a position to finance homes and land. On the website is a form to fill out that requires Name, Date of birth, Social Security number, Address, employers, etc.

All the signs for a identity theif.

We need to warn people!

1 thought on “Dibs Homes”

  1. Big scam, had me look at land and pay them a deposit, then I didn’t hear from them for a bit. I finally got through and the owner claimed one of the office managers had a heart attack and all was still moving forward, waited never heard anything called to ask for deposit back and my number was blocked.

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