department of grant money

Desiree –

Victim Location 33837

Total money lost $2,900

Type of a scam Government Grant

i 08/04/2017 i received a phone call from government grant money (guy named john) . he said that i qualified for $7000.00 grant money,because i payed all my taxes on time and i’m a citizen,he told me to go to the nearest Walmart with $300.00 processing fee. and to call him from the parking lot for further constructions and this grant will be $7300.00 . so i went to Walmart and i bought a iTunes gift card and load $300.00 . i read for him all gift card information .after that he told me my transfer has been blocked. all i needed to do to call another number to active my grant money,so i called and i was surprised he gives me all my information,and he said, i have to pay another fee to get my grant money, so i went to Walmart again and i bought iTunes gift card load $800.00 dollars and i gives him all the gift card information again.

he said that i have to pay another fee. at this time he told me to use a money gram to send money to this person named oleh vynnyk country Ukraine. i said why Ukraine he told me the transfer fee is less then USA . so i did sent $1800.00 to this person and he keep telling me another fees so i fend out is a scam . please can you help me to get my money back . i still have all iTunes gift cards and supporting documents

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