Debt Relief

Bruce –

Victim Location 79107

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

I received a letter in the mail stating I owe $45000 in credit card debt. I have never had a credit card debt in that amount. I pay my credit cards off every month. The letter offers me a payoff of $22,500 or $675 a month

Olivia –

Victim Location 89434

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Received a call from a make w/a severe accent , he told me that since I’d made my credit card payments on time that I qualified for a 0% interest rate for lifetime, he then asked for my credit card # that I had the highest available balance on… I knew at the start of this call it was a scam , however I am as determined as most of you are to rid these disgusting individuals of ever getting $$ from another person so I am hoping by my going along w/them for a short period of time I may be able to glean a bit of info that will help ( I never give my credit card or any other personal info to them ) .. when I asked for his name he said and I quote “ you need my *** in*** ***” using fowl language and then hung up. He obviously knew I’d known all along that the call was a scam.. I really wish that the public had a way of tracing these calls so we can put these scammers as well as others like them out of business INDEFINATELY !!

Jennifer –

Victim Location 83706

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

Please note that I did not receive a phone call and no number was logged on my phone for this call, however there was a voice mail and that is where I got the phone number. I received one voice mail Nov. 19,2018 that I deleted after listening to it that said the same thing as this voice mail . The names and reference numbers used were different for each voice mail.

Here is transcription of voice mail I saved: Voice message sent Wednesday Nov. 21,2018 @ 11:20 A.M. from 215-258-8588, duration 27seconds.

"Yes, this is Anna Smith and this message is concerning your unsecured credit debt. I need to discuss your consolidation or re-payment options with the new changes that have taken effect. Please be sure to give me a call at 866-908-2282 with Reference # 70701. Thank you."

Sierra –

Victim Location 55113

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

Didn’t answer but they left a voicemail.

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