Dealer Processing Center

Katelyn –

Victim Location 06810

Type of a scam Investment

20 to 40 remote calls a month and then get transferred 2times. I asked them where did they get my information and they wouldn’t share that with me so I asked what is your address and they said Santiago’s a

Jaclyn –

Victim Location 62958

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

This number calls me multiple times a day. They claim to be dealer processing center bc my factory warranty on my car is expired. While that is true any time I ask to speak to a supervisor I am hung up on. If I ask for a phone number I am hung up on. If I ask to be removed I am hung up on. I can not get them to stop calling me. Yes I could block their number but that won’t stop them and they need to be stopped. Next time they call me I will record every conversation I have with them. When I try to call the number back I am told it is out of service. It is always the same number.

Sheena –

Victim Location 85374

Type of a scam Phishing

I have received so many phone calls by the AI. Can’t reach real human to get them to stop calling. They keep trying to sell me warranty’s for my vehicle. They keep it ambiguous, never say what vehicle. It’s quite annoying. They call several times a month. No matter how many times I block the number they call on a different one.

Whitney –

Victim Location 30040

Type of a scam Phishing

Constant phone calls to "Do not call" cell numbers. Their number appears to be local, but is hijacked number. Hangup and call it back. I got an immediate disconnect. From reviews and my experience, the caller is very interested in gathering your information…and eventually, your cash!

If you want an extended warranty on your car (or anything else) contact your trusted dealer and do you research. Never give account or personally identifiable information to a solicitor (un-requested phone calls, email, mail, etc).

Deborah –

Victim Location 55803

Type of a scam Phishing

Weekly phone calls stating extended vehicle warranty processing center, refusing the opition of do not call list. When asked for business location and website my phone calls where disconnected and later automaticly declined for further contact

Christian –

Victim Location 98101

Type of a scam Phishing

The call is about the car/auto warranty expiration. These calls are from automated calls from a computer system and then forwards to a live sales agent asking information about your car and drivers license.

Drew –

Victim Location 27607

Type of a scam Phishing

Received a call and an automated message came on saying they were Heather from Dealer Processing Center and wanted to let me know my car warranty was about to expire and to press 1 to hear more information or press 2 to get on the do not call list. I hung up because I know this was a scam because I have received the same exact call multiple times the past three weeks from different phone numbers and area codes. They probably would have tried to take money from me if I did press 1 or 2 and move forward with the call.

Roy –

Victim Location 21211

Type of a scam Phishing

Recorded message directed me to a live representative who asked me to provide my name for confirmation purposes but the representative had no idea who i was making a confirmation impossible. Phishing

Amanda –

Victim Location 05491

Type of a scam Phishing

This company constantly calls my corporate cell phone number every night. The individuals on the phone won’t give me their direct phone number and hang up on me if I do t answer their questions. They are claiming to sell a warranty and state that my existing warranty has expired (I own a new vehicle and have no such expired warranty). Their claims are false and I have no way to make this harassment stop!!

Cynthia –

Victim Location 54115

Type of a scam Other

The Dealer Processing Center continues to call me repeatedly offering me a warranty on a car I haven’t owned in quite sometime. When I question them regarding their company, who they work for and they want they get very combative with me on the phone. I start to question how they got information regarding any of my vehicles they hang up, but call four hours later.

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