Brent –

Victim Location 20715

Type of a scam Phishing

This "company" continually changes its email addresses as well as the species of phishing email it sends, which can vary from romance/sex scams to weight loss to woodworking and IRS. We report them regularly to the online government anti-phishing and anti-spam sites. It continues to regularly harasses us daily with at least one unsolicited phishing email, and too often as many as six. This has got to stop. We have _never_ agreed to accept any emails of any sort from the "company" address that is included in their emails.

The company "name" varies with the phishing email.

We never click on links in phishing emails, so we can not put a dollar amount to their attempted fraud.

We have never done any business with them under any of their phony names and want them to cease and desist.

We are unsure if they are now trying to harass us by phone – our caller ID labeled a single phone call as spam from Pompano Beach – 1-954-228-2285. This was on December 4, 2018 at 8:04 AM. We never answer unknown numbers, and this one has not shown up since.

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