Damco Logistics

Blake –

Victim Location 19138

Type of a scam Employment

Was offeeed a position as a Logistics manager being paid 98,000.00 annually. Employment was based on you working part time doing all sorts of tests on a probationary period. After the initial 30 days you would become a full time employee. Communication is quickly cut off about two weeks in and you will hear no further correspondence. Attached are emails received

Rafael –

Victim Location 33762

Type of a scam Employment

The company contacted me about a potential employment opportunity. The company allegedly specializes in supply chain management and is seeking to hire me as a supply chain manager, paying $98,000 per year plus a 12% annual bonus, keep in mind I have no supply chain management experience. They have offered me a one month “trial” period where I complete case studies for them, at which point they will pay me $3000 upon completion of this month of training and if I do well I will receive a job offer. The woman who reached out to me is named Carol J. banks and her email address is [email protected] After communicating with her I was offered the temporary position and have since been in contact with Aaron B. Robinson. His email address is [email protected] His phone number is 929-239-3013. I called him and it went to voicemail saying it is a Google voice subscriber. Why would a legitimate company not have its own phone system? Furthermore, I see that Damco was acquired by Maersk earlier this year so I would assume that if it were legitimate Maersk would be reaching out to me and not Damco. I am reporting them because I fear this is a scam.

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