Corporate Office Reviews - Corporate Office Scam or Legit

Jacob –

Victim Location 65613

Type of a scam Debt Collections

These individuals are calling my mom’s cell phone for my sister. They are stating that she owes a debt from 2011 and the cops are coming to her house and they are going to prosecute her. When we call back they answer the phone saying Corporate Office. They will not provide details of the debt they claim she owes. They call multiple times a day. I told them that I was reporting them and they haven’t called since.

Kristin –

Victim Location 73099

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a call at 5:43 pm twice on 4/17/2017 and one call at 5:46 pm of which I did not answer due to the caller’s name coming up as Unknown and Private Number. This individual did leave a message on my voice mail at 5:50 on 4/17/2017 looking for *** ***. The number appeared as 13232477506. I returned the phone call informing them that the number they called was the wrong number. A woman on the other end of the line started screaming and yelling. I informed her she was harassing me and to please stop. She continued to rant and I hung up. They left a case number and another number for *** to call. The number left was 855-559-2061. This company called five times in a row under Private Number and Unknown number. Again, left a message saying they were looking for *** ***. He also said they (Corporate Office) mailed an intent and she needed or her attorney needed to call the 855 number (above) immediately for legal reasons. He said her case number was ***. I called this number back and spoke with a Davis informing him this was the wrong number to reach ***. I called the 1-323-247-7406 number and the same man (Davis) answered again. There is no name of the company. He just said "Corporate office. This is Davis." I spoke with ***. She checked her mail and credit record with no intent being listed.

Katie –

Victim Location 93611

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Stated they were collecting a debt from 2009. They said they were a corporate office. They said they were delivering a judgement against me and they garnish my wages. I said I’ve never received anything in the mail about it. She said we tried 3 times at previous addresses and were not required to get a PI to find you. Very rude and frightening. I asked who and what I owed. Lady read way too fast, when I asked her to slow down she said I don’t have to you were suppose to pay your debts. I got upset and she said you can’t raise your voice to me and hung up. I called back and she said that in my state they could collect up to 15 years from the debt. She said it was originally 697.00 that I owed but with interest now was 4,116

I said my lawyer would call her. She said no need they couldn’t help me

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