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Rachael –

Victim Location 95617

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

I received three (3) calls from this same scam and this time I attempted to collect more information.

Number used: 530-867-5162 out of Woodland CA

Brandon (name changes each time) calls to state he is with Consumer Credit Protection Act (CPA). States he is calling because they see I have high interest CC with high balance AND that I have been a great customer working hard to pay off the account and/or pay more than the min. due.

Offers to reduce my interest rate to as low as 6% depending on card balance due. States the Federal Government (CPA) is offering to reduce interest rates.

Attempts to confirm my credit cards (MC, VISA, etc.),

Attempts to confirm the last four digits of CC by giving me the first five – asking me to verify the last four

Attempts to have me confirm the last four digits of my SS#.

I slowed the pace of his converstation because he was talking so fast as though I would share details because we were engaged in friendly chat.

ME: I asked for his name: Brandon

ME: What’s your phone and website and I will call you back once I research and verify your viability.

Gives me at 1-800-622-7747 which is the MasterCard Assistance Center, #1 card holder.

Brandon: tells me he needs me to give him at least 1% of my trust so that he can verify some details ("I am not asking you for your personal information" just need you to confirm last 4 digits of card and SS#).

Me: I stated that this was the third time someone has called me and frankly I believe it is a SCAM.

Brandon: I’m not responsible for the past two people who called you.

Brandon: I understand mam, there are a lot of scams out there. I only need you to confirm the last 4 digits of your SS#.

Me: If this is a recorded line as you stated, and you have been tracking my good faith effort than you should have that information. You tell me what you have and I will confirm it.

Brandon: need you to state the last four digits. I reassure you it is a real opportunity that we want to give you.

Me: I called my CC company and they have no record of such an offer.

Brandon: Of course not mam, they will lose money if your interest rate drops…


This person was the most convincing of the three. I have asked to have my number removed and continue to get calls. BE VERY AWARE – THIS IS A SCAM. I called the and confirmed the scam.

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