Computweak Inc. Reviews - Computweak Inc. Scam or Legit

Regina –

Victim Location 85118

Total money lost $550

Type of a scam Tech Support

This company represented themselves as a representative of Microsoft. They got me to hand over control of my computer to them and showed me, buried within my computer several alerts of virus and malware attacks. They offered to remove and clean up these from my computer and install a program to block such things in the future, for a cost of 349.00 they would scan mine and my wife’s computer each month for life and keep them up to par. I got a call from them a couple of months later that they had found that my router was allowing some other things through my fire walls and for 149.00 they could set up a block in my router to stop this. A couple of months later, they called and showed me the internet on my screen reading that a new type of malware had come out and I needed a special tool to address that issue. So for "only" 49.00 more dollars they would install a program on the computers that would stop this kind of attack. They installed something called ClamWare, which a few days later, I located on the web as a completely free download. They called again a couple of days and tried to sell me something else for "only" 69.00. I was so very angry at these people by now, that I told them, I wouldn’t buy anything else from them even if it was "only" 2.00. They told me that if I didn’t buy this, that neither of my computers would be covered anymore, no matter if it concerned any of the things that I had already paid for, for life time service. The state and zip code I entered below are ,in [censored] true.

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