ClearTrip in association with John Green Law Firm Reviews - ClearTrip in association with John Green Law Firm Scam or Legit

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An "agent" from Cleatrip cotnacted me regarding the purchase of my timeshare. The agent proposed a purchase fee and I rebutted with a higher price. The agent then agreed to the terms and then stated that the file would be assigned to a law firm to complete the purchase. Later, a "paralegal" from "John Green Law Firm" contacted me to process the case.

The initial thing that tipped me off to the scam was the purchase terms. Upon conclusion of the sale of the tiemshare I would have to then pay the company a 5% commission. Which is an odd proposition considering they are purchasing the timeshare from me. Why am I paying them a commission!? This contradicted the original claim that the company was purchasing tiemsahres in Mexico in order to expand operations. Again, why am I payin gthem money AFTER the reciept of payment.

Secondly, suspicions were also raised when I was unable to access the law firms url that was posted in their emial. Secondly, I couldn’t find any mention of th elaw firm when doing a Google search. When I called to confront them on the claim there reasoning was that their emails and website was currently under construction so it was unaccessible. In addition, they could not describe the building that appeared on Google Maps.

Lastly, the "legal" document requested direct deposit banking info as the only means of payment.

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